A L F R E D    O R T E G A


Born in Philadelphia, Alfred Ortega studied painting and sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Ortega’s work is currently represented by the Atlantic Gallery, Nantucket; David David Gallery, Palm Gardens, Florida; Millésimé, Philadelphia; and CSM Art, New Jersey. Ortega has exhibited at the Woodmere Museum and Knapp Gallery in Philadelphia. The artist’s work is represented in the permanent collection of the Pennsylvania State Museum and in private collections.

Noted for his bold use of color, Ortega’s paintings and oil prints emanate primal energy. His prominent, large canvases reveal a dynamic world populated with vibrant forms and figures barely contained within their frames. A master monoprint maker, Ortega’s vivid oil prints of abstracts, figures and portraits are animated by an unabashed freedom of form and color and a daring love of life.


The foundation for my work in painting and sculpture is a feeling of awe and inspiration when I look out upon nature and all of creation.

After study of the paintings found in the Chauvet caves of France and Borneo approximately forty thousand years ago, it appears that creativity is unbounded by space and time and beyond words.

I have found that creativity is also volatile and audacious. Being aware that composing a work of art is a response to the world and in expressing that, a communique to others, I begin the workday inspired.
Initially using large brushes and buckets of color to apply sweeping strokes to the canvas with movement, the process begins in a state of humble anticipation and enjoyment, I like to paint, I like to build.

In reaction to the primary application, the process of applying paint or building becomes more intuitive than intellectual and truthfulness sets in. Now the piece itself gives direction to what it needs further.
With ego set aside, present to the moment, decisions on what to add or take away from the work become natural and easy. Conscious awareness becomes a guide to continue.

As the finished piece comes into view, the work of relationships of color and form feel resolved, complete and whole, ready to be shared with others.
The process and the completed work is both an homage to creation and a communication to the viewer.

The practice provides both fulfillment in work, finding freedom in the doing and a pathway of discovery for the self.

In gratitude for the craft, learnedness and our beautiful world.




Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts      Philadelphia PA     
            Certificate Awarded   Franklin Watkins Grant  
Independent Museum Study     
Musee du Louvre    Musee d Orsay     Musee Mailol    Paris France 
Rijks Museum        Van Gogh Museum         Amsterdam   Holland     
Prado Museum    Madrid Spain          Tate Gallery    London England               
West Chester University   West Chester PA      Philosophy  


David David Gallery    Palm Gardens FL


Atlantic Gallery    Nantucket MA
Ligne Roset Gallery  New York, NY
Millésimé  Philadelphia PA
Sofitel Hotel  Philadelphia PA


Atlantic Gallery    Nantucket MA
Ligne Roset Gallery  New York, NY
Millésimé  Philadelphia PA


Atlantic Gallery    Nantucket MA
Chestnut Hill Gallery  Philadelphia PA
Artist’s House Gallery   Philadelphia PA


Atlantic Gallery    Nantucket MA
Chestnut Hill Gallery  Philadelphia PA
Ligne Roset Gallery   Philadelphia PA
Knapp Gallery   Philadelphia PA


Galeria Paspartu    Barcelona  Spain
Ligne Roset Gallery   Miami FL 

Twenty Two Gallery   Philadelphia PA 

Marchesani Gallery  Drexel Hill PA 

Raab Gallery Philadelphia PA

Rosenfeld Gallery  Philadelphia PA 

Kerby Lane Gallery   Austin  TX 

Giannetta Gallery   Philadelphia PA


Woodmere Art Museum  Philadelphia PA

Millersville University   Millersville PA    

Pennsylvania  State Museum  Harrisburg PA   

Susquehanna Museum     Susquehanna PA

Gallery D Este    New York NY  

Pennsylvania Academy Museum   Philadelphia PA 


Pennsylvania State Museum  Harrisburg PA